Welcome to Kaiapoi Baptist

For over 100 years we have been a community of people gathering just north of the mighty Waimakiriri River to honour and worship God. We are a diverse bunch of people from across North Canterbury – and beyond who desire to see the Kingdom of God impact our lives and the lives of those in our community.

It would be great to see you, feel free to come visit!

Nga Taonga Tuku Iho

Treasures Handed Down

Prayer and Self Denial 2017

Each year we partner with the New Zealand Baptist Missionary Society supporting Prayer and Self-Denial. It is not just about the financial resources raised or the prayer support targeted at our NZBMS team. It is also about us recognising that we are a part of a wider Baptist family that goes beyond our town, our region and our nation. This year the focus is on taonga/treasure: The Gospel as Treasure, People are Treasure, and Where is your Treasure?

“The Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure that a man discovered hidden in a field. In his excitement, he hid it again and sold everything he owned to get enough money to buy the field.”
Matthew 13:44

“For you are a Holy people who belong to the Lord your God. Of all people on earth, the Lord your God has chosen you to be His own special treasure.”  Deuteronomy 7:6

“Where ever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.”
Matthew 6:21

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Sunday Morning Fun

Over the last few weeks we have been focusing on Discipleship – Following Jesus one step at a time.  On Sunday we looked at building, so some of our younger members of church and some young at heart decided to build something.  Check it out!!

Transcendence & Death

Carey Baptist College is  hosting a conference on July 11th called: “Home or Away” – Locating sport and leisure in Christian faith and practice. One of our Pastors, Paul will be speaking on his love for pig hunting. Check out the images and information below.



I love pig hunting! It’s a ticket into another world for me, the timeless contest where hunters test their strength and resolve, and the courage and skills of their dogs, against a strong, resourceful, and potentially lethal quarry.

I love being a Christian. It’s the ticket into another world, the timeless experience of being connected to the eternal God. It’s a test of faith and trust. It’s a journey that is almost impossible without brave and resourceful friends, and there is a dangerous, deceitful, deadly foe on the prowl. This presentation will explore the intersection of Christian faith and the sport of pig hunting. It will consider theological issues around killing for sport, the ethics of killing, and hunting as a gift from God. It will examine the unique pastoral opportunities offered by this pursuit. It will consider the environmental implications for believers, and whether we can see hunting as a parable not just told but lived and experienced. This paper will draw on personal experiences over many years, reflections from a variety of hunters, reflections from my mother-in-law, and Biblical reflections on the abundant life that Jesus promised. My argument will be that while hunting is not for everyone, a life of challenge and adventure, the joys of success and the pain of failure, the welcoming of things which build courage and trust into our lives, are all part of God’s good purposes for each of us, and these things can be found and celebrated in our leisure time activities and sporting endeavours.

Paul Askin Co-Pastor, Kaiapoi Baptist Church

Mid Winter Dinner Photos

On a cold Sunday Evening more than 80 people gathered to enjoy a great shared meal. We were celebrating Emmanuel – God with Us – Always! The food, the fellowship, it was the church getting together to build relationship. From the youngest to the oldest it was a great evening.

I wonder what we can do next time….?


Mid Winter Christmas Dinner

Coming up this Sunday Evening we will be gathering together to celebrate “Emmanuel – Jesus with us – All the Time!!”  Be prepared for an evening of great fellowship, fun and food!  There will be something for everyone and it’s a great opportunity to gather together and get to know each other better.

Small Group Resources

As a part of our commitment to discipleship we will be posting some discussion questions weekly on our resources page. These questions will be related to the sermon from Sunday morning and are designed to help discussion and interaction around our sermon series on discipleship and for small groups to use as a jumping off point.

Different contributors will be posing the questions and the goal is that they will be available by 5pm on Mondays – most weeks!


Following Jesus One Step at a Time

“Come follow me.” It seems like such a simple statement by Jesus when he calls the disciples. But the reality was extremely complicated, over a period of three years or so Jesus taught the disciples much, showed them the reality of the Kingdom and they became his disciples.  He commissioned them to “go and make disciples” and that’s what we are called to be: disciples that make disciples. Mike Breen in his book Building a Discipleship Culture says: “If you make disciples, you will always get the church. But if you make a church, you rarely get disciples.” As a church we feel that God is calling us to “make disciples”.

So come and join us as we spend the next wee part of life looking at: “Following Jesus One Step at a time.”

Pentecost – Someone is Coming

Over the next few weeks we will be looking at the moments in the early church leading up to Pentecost.  The dramatic supernatural birth of the church.  From the Road to Emmaus, to Christ Ascension and Pentecost itself it was and exciting and confusing time to be a follower of Jesus Christ.  Actually that sounds a little like today, it is exciting to follow Jesus and it can sometimes be confusing. So come along and join us as we anticipate Pentecost!

Church Camp

From Friday the 10th of March to Sunday the 12th we gathered at the Waipara Adventure Centre, ready for an adventure of our own. There is something special about getting away and breaking up our normal routines.  Camps are great for deepening relationships and creating shared experiences and awesome memories.

We started on Friday night with some fun and games to get everyone  on the same page.  Saturday morning we spent  working our way through several reflective stations that called us into deeper relationship and challenged us.

Food at camp can sometimes be a tricky situation…not with the awesome team at KBC! Food is actually a highlight, great food and great company mean that meal times become moments where people continue to connect and share life stories.

In the afternoon even though the weather was  wet a few hardy souls braved the elements and ventured onto the water slide and even went for a swim. The competition to see who could go further was intense and was a close call between Angus and Menzo!

The evening was all about deepening community. A formal dinner of epic proportions (so much food, good food!) followed by a camp tradition of a Talent Show.  Now if you have been around Kaiapoi Baptist for a while you know we have some talented individuals in our midst. It was great to see it on show on Saturday night. From dancing (including one of our Pastors getting in on it!) to an amazing machine that could shrink things, even a person.

The night ended with a late night movie and then bed around midnight.

Sunday morning we gathered as we normally do, spending time in worship and Annette lead us in a lectio divina based around Mark 4:35-41. We then sat down to another fine meal.

Then it was a quick tidy up, all hands on deck to get the place looking great. We ended camp with a poroporoaki – which is a Maori tradition that occurs at the end of a hui (gathering). It is a chance for everyone to reflect on camp, to express thoughts and feelings about the shared time together. It was great to hear that people had not only enjoyed their time at camp, but that God had also met them and in some cases ministered to them deeply.

God is good!