Sunday 19th of September

We are back as the gathered church…!

Last Sunday we gathered as the church making sure that we met all Government guidelines. This week we will once again be back as the gathered church in our building at 67 Fuller Street in Kaiapoi. We will have QR codes to scan, sign in sheets, hand sanitiser and people are able to physically distance if they choose too.

To see the guidelines for Faith Based Gatherings please click on the link below, it will take you to the NZ Covid-19 website.

Covid 19 NZ Govt Faith Based Gatherings

This week…Church Annual General Meeting

This week our gathered worship will include our Church Annual General Meeting. It is an essential part of our life as a church. The agenda is attached at the bottom of this post. As a Baptist Church our AGM is open to anyone. Our Constitution restricts voting to those who are members of the Church and have formally committed as such. Any person in attendance is permitted to speak. We believe as Baptists that we gather together as the Body of Christ to discern the mind of Christ.

Our AGM agenda is packed with some exciting opportunities and will also be an opportunity to be updated on the Insurance and Building progress.

Please come ready to here from God and to help us make crucial decisions in the life of the church.

Kia Kaha