Church, Traffic Lights and Covid19…

As we prepare to gather and discern how we will function under the Traffic Light System (TLS) I encourage you to use the resource below.

As a church in Kaiapoi we have faithfully lived out the gospel in our corner of the world since 1899. Throughout that time the church has faced many challenges. Over the last 18 months we have experienced a roller coaster of challenges in how we could function as a church. Each time we have met those challenges by keeping our focus on God and having the reassurance of our faith in Jesus Christ.

As we enter a new phase of church life and expression of faith under the Governments proposed ‘Traffic Light System’ it is important that we continue to focus on Jesus. This resource is designed to help us as a community of faith to discern what it means to be the church. We are encouraging a 40 hour focus on prayer from Friday evening.