Late in 2024 as we prepared to go on extended leave Holy Spirit impressed the word ‘Invitation’ on Simon as he sat in our auditorium after one of our Sunday Worship Gatherings. Over a period of 15 or twenty minutes a page of notes and ideas has become the theme for Kaiapoi Baptist Church in 2024.

Jesus invites us to “Follow him” it is not just a simple encouragement, it is an imperative. We either follow or we do not. This year we believe that Jesus is asking us to take up the invitation again or for the very first time to:

Follow Him.

Everyone is invited to follow Him. God has not stopped loving humanity. Grace is not a bank account that has run dry! It is freely available to all.

The invitation for all is expressed in the graphic below. The triangle below represents three aspects of our relationship with God through Jesus Christ: In, Up and Out (Thanks Mike Breen & 3dm!) this year we are asking the question: What is God inviting you to?

It is going to be an adventure. We believe that God will surprise us as we take up his invitation in 2024!

Click on the video to the right. It will play an audio only recording of the teaching from Sunday February 18th – “Invitation”

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Committing to Connection

Regular attendance at worship gatherings is no longer the norm. This is not a good trend for healthy spiritual growth or healthy church life.

Click on link and read a great article about the importance of regular church attendance. Written by a Baptist Kiwi Pastor – Craig Vernall.