We will keep our focus on Jesus Christ.

· We are going to make changes to our physical site—but this is not the most important thing.

·  We are first and foremost a spiritual people united in Christ.

·  We are the ecclesia – “the called out people of God” here in Kaiapoi.

·  Even as we seek to make physical changes to our buildings we will keep our eyes on Jesus.

We will not become bogged down or distracted

·  The purpose of any church is the growth of the Kingdom of God, through the growth in the maturity of its members and the evangelisation of its community.

·  Our vision is to be Food for LIFE – as we dream and discern we must make sure we keep the vision in front of us.

·  We will strive for unity and seek to honour God in the way that we dream, discern and decide on the future here at Kaiapoi Baptist Church.

Our buildings and site are tools for the King and His Kingdom

In Matthew 25:14-30 Jesus tells the Parable of the Talents an incredible teaching on stewardship and the use of resources.

           What do we have in our hands?

What have we been called to steward?

We will use all the resources Jesus has Given us

· We have more than we realise, God will open our eyes.

·  We have been faithful with the resources we have.

·  Jesus wants us to enter into a season of joy (Matt 25:21)

We will ask people to pray

We want to discover God’s plan for our site and buildings so that He can build  His kingdom.

We will give thanks for what the Lord has done in this place
and will do in this place