Living with unmanageable debt feels like being caught in a fast-flowing river. Families in poverty share that before coming to CAP they had the sense that they were drowning. They swim bravely… but are soon exhausted, isolated, losing hope of rescue.

Together with a local church, CAP prevents New Zealanders being swept away.

CAP’s services are free – made possible through partnership.

As a church we are passionate about seeing people live life to its fullest. We have partnered with CAP to host a local Debt Help Centre. Jenny is our local CAP Team Leader and we are committed as a church to supporting people as they journey to a debt free life.

The ministry is supported by donors, who give what they can. Each client has a support friend from a church community to walk alongside them, as well as experts who advocate for them every step of the way.

CAP works with local churches to release New Zealanders from debt and poverty
 – into lives of fullness and freedom.

You don’t need to live with debt stress any longer. 
CAP’s free debt help service starts with a phone chat.

Free call 0508 227 111

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