Below is an archive of our preaching series. Not every sermon is part of a series so if you are looking for a specific sermon the easiest way is to use the preacher archive and select the person who preached the message.

If you have any problems locating a particular message, or a link is broken please contact the office.

  • Joshua -Strong and Courageous

  • The Journey to Pentecost

  • Live Differently

    A Lenten series as we approach Easter.
  • Vision and Mission '23

  • The Wonder of Christmas

    Our Advent series for 2022. Great teaching and reflection on the wonder of the incarnation. Immanuel -God with us.
  • Jude

  • Renew Together 2022

    God calls us to be missional people, for the sake of God's Kingdom. That means locally and globally. That means to those who are poor and disadvantaged, as well as those who don't know Jesus. That means in prayer, in action, and in stewardship. Renew Together helps us to develop and grow our missional heartbeat!
  • Ezra - Build for LIFE

    A Nine Week Series that looks at the rebuilding of the altar and temple. This series is part of our discernment process for our redevelopment.
  • Titus - Devotion and Doctrine

    A Four Week Series looking at the Epistle to Titus
  • The Kingdom of Heaven is like...

    In Matthew 13 Jesus makes several statements about what the Kingdom of Heaven is like. As followers of Jesus we need to keep our eyes on the King and His Kingdom, especially in hard times.
  • The Elephant in the Room

    Covid19 has come to dominate almost every aspect of our lives. Over the last two years we have face changes and challenges due to the impact of the virus and the government response. It is time to talk about the Elephant in the Room
  • Away in a Manger

    Our Advent Series for 2021
  • The Armour of God

    In Ephesians 6 Paul outlines specific pieces of armour that help us stand firm in the spiritual battle that we are in.
  • Setting Your Church Free

    A church is more than an organisation, it is organic, it is a relational spiritual community. Therefore we should not be surprised that over time churches can become affected by patterns that are relational and spiritual in nature. Setting Your Church Free helps identify these things and begin a process of healing and restoration.
  • For Such a Time as This

    As part of our Baptist DNA and as a commitment to our wider Baptist whanau we will be spending three weeks engaging with the annual NZBMS Self Denial Appeal. Come on the journey with us and hear what God is saying to you, in such a time as this.
  • The Life of Joseph

    A closer look at one of the often underrated heroes in the Old Testament. In the life of Joseph we see how faithfulness and commitment can lead us into a variety of places, both good and bad.
  • One Big Story

    An epic journey through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Taking 100 key passages of Scripture and diving into the Biblical Narrative.
  • Advent 2020

    A short series that helps us prepare for the birth of Jesus Christ, Emmanuel - God with us! A chance to focus on the true meaning of Christmas.
  • Sermon on the Mount

    The Sermon on the Mount series from Video Bible Talks is a six-video series of Bible teaching videos from Matthew 5-7 looking at what Jesus says about how to live as his disciples.
  • 2 Timothy

    Paul wrote this second letter to Timothy during his second imprisonment in Rome, shortly before his death. This imprisonment was after the one recorded in Acts 28. He probably wrote it in A.D. 64–65, though some would place it as late as 67. Theme Paul gives Timothy a bold, clear call to continue in the gospel despite suffering.
  • Women of the Bible

    A Series that looks at some of the famous women of the Bible.
  • Covid-19

  • Everyday Spiritual Conversations

  • LIFE 2020

    As we begin a new year let's take a look at what makes us who we are here at Kaiapoi Baptist Church. Our vision and mission is about LIFE. We LOVE God, INTRODUCE others, FOLLOW Christ and are EQUIPPED as we live out this discipleship journey.
  • Advent 2019

  • Where God Leads

  • The Life of David

  • Matthew 25

    A Week long challenge in partnership with World Vision New Zealand.
  • Workouts in James

  • CHOOSE Life

    An ongoing series looking at issues that require us as followers of Christ to choose life. To act, think and care from a Biblical framework.
  • Building for LIFE

    A Seven Week Series looking at Nehemiah and the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem.
  • First Christmas

    Join us for a journey through stories from the First Christmas. There are many characters that have much to teach us from that first Christmas when Jesus Christ was born.
  • Food for Life

    A Four Week Series that outlines our vision and mission here at Kaiapoi Baptist Church - Food for Life.
  • Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

  • He Auaha Hou

    The theme of Prayer and Self Denial in 2018 is 'Made New'. Over the course of three weeks we will unpack the theme by looking at: A New Spirit, A New Perspective and A New Generation. This years concept has been derived from the biblical understanding hat we are made new through the work of Christ on the cross and the continuous inner working of the Holy Spirit.
  • 3M Series

    What is God saying to us as a church? How are we going to be the church and undertake the Great Commission from Matthew 28? The mission never changes, but the context always does.
  • A Walk Through Ephesians

    Unlike many of Paul's other Epistles, the letter to Ephesus is not written to confront a particular issue or heresy. It explains the nature and purpose of the church, the Body of Christ
  • Portraits of Jesus

    A six week series looking at different names of Jesus Christ.
  • The Book of Daniel

    Extremely Relevant for us Today
  • Christmas Reflections

  • A Call to Prayer

    As a church we are spending the month of November praying for: Our Church, Our Community and Our Region. Our desire is to see Gods grace power move in these areas.
  • Nga Taonga Tuku Iho

    Prayer & Self Denial Series 2017
  • Following Jesus - One Step at a Time

    As a church we have made a commitment to focusing on discipleship. This series will look at some of the stages we all go through as disciples.
  • Pentecost