What is a financial legacy?

A financial legacy is a way of ensuring that some of your labours and efforts in this life continue to make a difference for the Kingdom of God when you’ve passed from your earthly life to be with Jesus.

Why Leave a Legacy?

We often talk about leaving a legacy for our children—the things we’ve taught them, the ways we’ve encouraged them to grow in life and faith, and the financial resources we leave for them. Leaving a financial legacy to Kaiapoi Baptist Church is a way of acknowledging the role of God’s Church in our world and your desire to see the Church continue in its effectiveness and mission; it’s a way of financially contributing for many years after your physical contribution has ended in this world.

How Much Should I Contribute as a Legacy?

Just like our theology on giving, we believe this is something you work out in discussion with God. We don’t place pressure on anyone to leave a legacy and are grateful for any contribution that is given. Should you be thinking about leaving a legacy to Kaiapoi Baptist, we encourage you to seek independent advice from those you trust, including your solicitor and/or those who will be trustees of your estate. Any legacy needs to be specifically identified within your will or as an added codicil so that your trustees can carry out your wishes. Upon request, we can provide assistance and some recommended wording for your will, or the creation of a codicil.

Where Can I get More Information?

If you’d like to talk more about leaving a legacy to Kaiapoi Baptist, please contact us and we can chat at your