Mother’s Day 2020

This morning we continue our series: Women in the Bible. Simon will be teaching from 1 Samuel and looking at Hannah and how her barrenness caused cultural-less-ness.

We celebrate Mother’s Day today and our service also includes an update from Manna home, one of our Global mission partners.

Its great to have you join us, so grab a seat wherever you are and settle in.

We pray that God by His Holy Spirit will meet you, minister to you and that soon we will be able to gather physically and not just virtually.


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Sunday Gathering 03-05

This morning we continue our series: Women of the Bible. Annette will be sharing about Hagar and Ishmael. We will be taking communion so make sure you have some elements ready to go. Its a full service this morning….

So get comfortable and join us as we meet together as church and commit this time to grow in our relationship with God.

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Sunday Gathering 26-04

This week we are beginning a new series called: Women of the Bible. Over the next few weeks we will be looking at some famous women from Scripture and learning about their stories.

This week we are starting off by looking at Sarah, so grab a Bible and dig into Genesis 12 as we learn about a woman of faith who waited for a promise from God.

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Sunday Gathering 19-04

This week we have an awesome guest speaker who will encourage us with a personal reflection on Psalm 131. We will also have an update on one of our Global Mission partners and check out some cute baby photos of people in our community – trust me it will all make sense soon!

So grab a seat with whoever else is in your bubble and join us as church.

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Resurrection Sunday

He is risen , He is risen indeed!

Today is a day of celebration. Jesus has conquered the grave! Our service this morning dwells on God’s love for us, we will share communion together and at the conclusion of the service is a wee clip just for fun.

Today is a day to celebrate – He is risen, He is risen indeed!

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Good Friday Service

A Reflective Service based on Mark 15:25-41. This day can only be called good because we know Sunday is coming. For the disciples and those at the foot of the cross, there was nothing good in what they experienced that day. Today pause and reflect on the crucifixion of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

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Sunday Gathering 05/04

Good morning church. Another week has come and gone, some things continue to change and challenge us but God remains the same. This week is Palm Sunday so our service will focus on Jesus as he enters Jerusalem, with a crowd cheering and waving Palm branches.

We have recorded another short service (with the help of a few others) and pray that God will be with you as commit this time to Him.


Sunday Gathering 29/03

Good morning church. We are four days into the restrictions due to
Covid-19. This means that we cannot meet as church, as we usually do. This doesn’t mean that we stop being the church.

We have recorded a short service for you to connect with and engage with in your bubbles. So grab those people you have been spending plenty of time with this week and settle in.

The teaching is called: Life is a Roller-coaster, I’m sure that is something we can all agree with at the moment.

Reflection Questions

  • What is robbing you of abundant life in Christ today?
  • What things are going to allow you to thrive in your life during this time?
  • Are you living life to the full on Jesus’ terms or a second rate life on your own terms?
  • What would it take for you to live life to the full with Jesus Christ?

Leave a comment below and let us know that you logged in and had church with us today. May God continue to be present in your life and be a source of comfort and strength.