Choose LIFE

We are all about Food for LIFE here at Kaiapoi Baptist Church. It is the tag line of our vision. So this year we are starting a series called CHOOSE Life. It will look at issues of the day. It will help us live as followers of Jesus in a complicated world. The series will be spread throughout the year and begins next week as we tackle: Euthanasia.

CHOOSE Life will also be looking at such diverse topics as: Anger, Abortion, Pornography, Drugs, and Gender.

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Why We Support our Local Light Party?

Every year the Reflections Trust, for the last 14 years has run a Light Party for the community in Kaiapoi and North Canterbury.  Click on the link to find out more about them!

But why do we as a church support this amazing community event?  Is it just about kids and whanau having a great time, great food and great fun?  Sure we would probably support an event like that, simply because we love families, we love our community and we love food! But… Continue reading Why We Support our Local Light Party?