Church, Traffic Lights and Covid19…

As we prepare to gather and discern how we will function under the Traffic Light System (TLS) I encourage you to use the resource below.

As a church in Kaiapoi we have faithfully lived out the gospel in our corner of the world since 1899. Throughout that time the church has faced many challenges. Over the last 18 months we have experienced a roller coaster of challenges in how we could function as a church. Each time we have met those challenges by keeping our focus on God and having the reassurance of our faith in Jesus Christ.

As we enter a new phase of church life and expression of faith under the Governments proposed ‘Traffic Light System’ it is important that we continue to focus on Jesus. This resource is designed to help us as a community of faith to discern what it means to be the church. We are encouraging a 40 hour focus on prayer from Friday evening.

A Day to Weep

Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide is now legal in our country. As a nation we should lament, as the Prophet Isaiah said: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who puts darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” Isaiah 5:20 We as a nation have decided to undertake linguistic gymnastics and moral subjectivity and declare Euthanasia a good thing. The intentional and deliberate ending of a persons life has never been and will never be a good thing.

"Woe to those who call evil good and good evil.

Below is a video that once again highlights the complexity and dangers of this law. I encourage you to spend the time listening to the stories and concerns raised as we enter a dangerous and sad time in our nations history.

Sunday 19th of September

We are back as the gathered church…!

Last Sunday we gathered as the church making sure that we met all Government guidelines. This week we will once again be back as the gathered church in our building at 67 Fuller Street in Kaiapoi. We will have QR codes to scan, sign in sheets, hand sanitiser and people are able to physically distance if they choose too.

To see the guidelines for Faith Based Gatherings please click on the link below, it will take you to the NZ Covid-19 website.

Covid 19 NZ Govt Faith Based Gatherings

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Sunday Gathering 5th September

This morning we continue our series on: The Armour of God. Annette will be looking at the breastplate of righteousness and we will be remembering Fathers Day. So get comfortable, maybe even let the cat sit on your knee.

Thanks for joining us today, and we pray that God will be present as you honour Him by committing this time to Him.

Sunday Gathering 29th August

Week Two of our Level Four Lockdown sees us begin a new series on the Armour of God. So grab a coffee, tea or other hot beverage and settle in for church online this week.

As always the link will be available from around 9:00 am on Sunday morning.

Our prayer is that you will be aware of Gods presence and that He will be the one whom we keep our eyes on in this difficult time.

Shalom from Annette & Simon

Sunday Gathering 22 August

Welcome back to church online. Season Two! Yes, due to Covid-19 restrictions we are unable to gather. So we have put together a little something to help you connect with God and keep your eyes on Him in this difficult time. The video will be available from 9:00am and can be viewed by either clicking on the embedded file below or watching on YouTube.

We pray that God will meet with you as you honour Him by spending time in worship.

Shalom, Annette and Simon Williams

Church Camp

For years Kaiapoi Baptist Church has been gathering for a weekend away – Church Camp. It is a great opportunity to spend time together getting to know one another better. This year we are heading back to the Waipara Adventure Centre.

Keep the weekend of October 15th to the 17th free in your diary,

More details to come….